#StandwithUkraine — Our contribution to a green world for everyone.

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Our contribution to a green world for everyone

We are convinced that together we can bring about change.
We pursue our vision of contributing to a green world for everyone every single day, and the zociety is constantly growing thanks to our customers all across Germany. A little bit more every day. That is something which fills us with joy, as only together can we succeed in our mission of installing a PV system on every roof in the world. Discover for yourself the contribution that we are already making today – and find out how you can become a part of it.

After all, only together can we bring about real change for everyone.

Together we can achieve more:

  • 9,145 tonnes

    CO₂ saved

  • 24.5m kWh

    clean electricity produced

  • 15,651 tonnes

    coal saved

CO₂ savings

Thwarting the greenhouse effect

Together, we want to combat global warming and reduce CO2 emissions through sustainable energy production. Thanks to the solar energy produced by our zociety, it has already been possible to save more than 9,100 tonnes of CO₂. An important step towards finally thwarting the greenhouse effect thanks to renewable energies.

What does that mean?

The amount of CO2 our customers have already saved to date would be enough to fill a whole 390 hot air balloons with a volume of 12,000 m3 each. But solar energy is far more than just hot air – as our zociety Footprint shows.

Green electricity production

Producing sustainable energy – on your roof

The tapping of solar energy allows our customers to produce their own sustainable and environmentally friendly electricity with the greatest of ease. We have already been able to generate more than 24.5 million kilowatt hours of clean electricity in this way since 2016.

What does that mean?

This amount of sustainably produced electricity would be enough for an electric vehicle to drive a whole 151 million kilometres – that’s 3,766 times around the world.

Saving coal

Replacing coal with solar energy

The transition to renewable energies has never been more important than it is today. We are working day in, day out on helping more people to produce their own electricity independently. As a result, we will become less and less reliant on fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas in the future.

What does that mean?

That is already more than 300,000 wheelbarrows full of coal that has not been used as fuel thanks to the zociety.

Gas savings

Less gas, more independence

In addition to our dependency on coal, we are especially reliant on other countries’ natural gas reserves. The solution is within our reach: we need to promote and expand the use of renewable energies in order to be able to live not only more sustainably but also more independently in the future. Our zociety is setting a great example in this respect, as it has already managed to save 358,584 m³ of gas so far through the use of heat pumps. 

What does that mean?

The independently produced solar energy was sufficient to heat 242 family homes for a whole year.