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We are convinced that we can create a livable earth for all humans with the help of renewable energies. That’s why we are pouring all of our energy, expertise and experience into this vision – so that current and future generations may benefit from a decentralised energy supply and a future worth living.

We believe

Reversing climate change is both our mission and our passion. We are committed to working together to support humanity and the environment. The more we grow as a company, the greater our impact will be.

Everyone can lead.

At zolar, leadership is not defined by titles, rank, or the number of direct reports; it is about how you behave. Leaders are role models who inspire others to be their best selves and to focus on what is important. They embody the values we cherish and empower those around them to accomplish more.


Customers are our North Star. We strive to consistently exceed the expectations of both our installation partners and homeowner customers.

Trusting collaboration.

Reversing climate change is a team effort. Our impact will be most significant when we collaborate effectively. Successful collaboration is grounded in mutual trust. We aim to foster trust daily through active listening, open communication, constructive feedback, and respectful disagreement, always fulfilling our commitments.

Data-driven decision making.

Facts outweigh seniority. We believe the best decisions are made by individuals who prioritize the company's wellbeing, encourage diverse viewpoints, share information openly, and resolve differences of opinion respectfully through data, not hierarchy.

Growth through learning.

zolar flourishes only when its employees grow. Personal growth is a continuous process of learning, unlearning, and relearning. We foster a learning culture by nurturing talent, viewing failures as learning opportunities rather than grounds for blame, and seeing challenges as opportunities to improve.


Good intentions will not save the planet; only actions will. We maximize our impact by holding ourselves personally accountable for the company’s actions. We demonstrate grit and persistence in the face of adversity, lean into difficult problems and expect our coworkers to approach challenges with the same determination.

Photovoltaik-Berater mit Kundin - Solaranlage auf Englisch planen mit zolar

Our corporate culture at zolar

Here at zolar, our values, developed through teamwork, create a corporate identity which forges a dynamic, family-oriented and strong work environment. We are committed to the global climate protection movement and go the extra mile to grow together with zolar.

Your first steps towards an environmentally friendly career at zolar

You’ve seen a vacancy that you think you’d be perfect for and would like to become part of our team? We have compiled some information about our application process below so that you know exactly what to do next: once we have received your application, you will receive confirmation of receipt via email. Our People & Culture team will then check your application. If you fulfill the necessary requirements, the multi-stage selection process can begin.

We look forward to receiving your application!


A two-stage interview process helps us get to know you as a person as well as your professional background.


We find out more about your abilities and working methods with a specialised technical case.

Virtual Coffee

You have the chance to ask questions and get to know your future colleagues over a virtual cup of coffee (or tea).

Reference Calls

We speak to one or two former colleagues of yours next and ask them a little about you.

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