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New look – same mission: zolar looks radiant with new design

As the hours of sunshine increase and the days get longer and longer again, we know one thing for sure: spring is finally around the corner. It is the perfect time of the year to recharge your batteries and welcome in a breath of fresh air. That’s what we thought too, and in recent months we have been working full speed on a new look that we would like to present to you today.

New look – same mission

We have now been pursuing the goal of installing a PV system on every roof in the world for more than six years already. With the help of our continuously growing zociety, we are also getting a little bit closer to achieving this goal every day. After all, together we can make the difference and an ever-greater contribution to the energy transition 

The ever-increasing interest in sustainability and climate protection has enabled zolar to grow over the last few years, continuously evolving all the while. That was the reason we decided to give our mission a new and forward-looking makeover. In this way, we want to make our brand even more personal with new design elements as well as our zociety footprint and to emphasise our mission even better in the future with our design.  

True to the motto of “New look – same mission”, we would like to introduce the new zolar design to you today. In this article, we will be taking you on a mini discovery tour through the development of our new look. We hope that you like it as much as we do!

What is new?

You will undoubtedly have noticed a whole host of new elements as soon as you opened our website. From the fresh colours to the font right up to the logo, zolar is now looking radiant with new lustre.

But what exactly is behind zolar’s new look? We didn’t develop our new design just for us, but also and especially for you. With it, we want to show that even in the future we will only be able to make a contribution for the climate together with you.

When developing our look, it was therefore particularly important to make our brand even more personal and involve you in our mission directly. As such, our design reflects our personality: optimistic, forward-looking, uncomplicated and close by. The values of our company are anchored in this way from the logo right up to the choice of colours. 

The zociety footprint

Have you already discovered the zociety footprint on our new website? It is the key to our new look and involves you personally in our mission. But what do the figures shown there mean exactly?

Together with our zociety, we have already made a considerable contribution to halting climate change since the company was founded. We have now finally summarised this contribution for you in a transparent and comprehensible form in our zociety footprint.

zociety footprint mockup - zolar impact

With these figures, we want to illustrate for you what our customers have been able to achieve so far by switching to solar energy. Among other things, they show how much solar electricity our zociety has already produced and how much CO2 we have been able to save together. In addition, we are now finally making our contribution clear to you with a range of examples and no longer simply talking in abstract figures.

This allows you to create a picture for yourself of our mission and the contribution we have been able to make to date.

Logo with recognition factor

It goes without saying that our fresh look also includes a new logo, which additionally reflects our mission with its optimistic and forward-looking design.

Have you already noticed the different shapes that fit together to form our logo? The circle symbolises the sun, which forms the basis for our mission. After all, without the sun’s rays there would be no solar energy – and without solar energy, no zolar. Alongside the circle, our logo also incorporates rectangular elements intended to represent the sun’s counterpart: the solar modules. In combination, these elements produce a unique zolar shape. When doubled and mirrored, this shape produces the zolar “z” and thus an energy-charged logo that brings a breath of fresh air to our mission.

zolar Logo negativ


The war in Ukraine has left us shocked and saddened. Our thoughts go out to all those affected and we hope to help the people in Ukraine with our donations and donations in kind.

When presenting our new design, we too were faced with moral dilemmas due to the Russian attacks. As you surely know, the letter Z has become associated with support for the Russian army in the war in Ukraine.

It is therefore very unfortunate that we are introducing our new logo, which also contains a white Z, during this period of war and violence. Nevertheless, after long and careful consideration, we have consciously decided to communicate the development and symbolism of our logo transparently, positioning our new design as a clear symbol for more independence and against the invasion of Ukraine. However, as an act of solidarity, we shall only be using our new logo against a black background for the time being.

Together we shall campaign for a green world for everyone – without war and violence.

A forward-looking font

Alongside the zociety footprint and our new logo, we have also given our font a makeover. Our new font is thus straight, simple and yet packed with details. Did you already notice that the “I” in our logo has the shape of a sloped roof? Special features like this are what make our new look modern and forward-looking. As such, we have also anchored our mission in our font.

Fresh colours which radiate energy

The choice of colours also plays a key role with regard to our brand’s impact. We thus chose natural and toned-down colours in order to leave the stage open for our mission. zolar now looks radiant in colours where nature and the sun abound – for example: sky blue and light pastel shades. This produces a light, modern and understated colour palette, which will accompany us on our journey into a sustainable future.

Creating a green world for everyone

With our new look, we want to show you that we are available close by and in person. We enable you to produce your own green electricity in a simple and carefree manner, thus driving forward the energy transition in a modern way.

We are convinced that together we can halt climate change and that our contribution to climate protection makes a big difference. After all, it is the only way for us to achieve our goal of creating a green world for everyone.

Would you like to become part of our mission and produce your own sustainable and affordable energy on your roof with the help of a PV system? Then request your no-obligation, customised quote for a PV system from zolar today!

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Show your support for the people of Ukraine

In these turbulent times, it is all the more important that we pull together and show our united support for the people of Ukraine. The zolar team has already collected donations and supported a variety of relief projects in Ukraine.

In addition, we are supporting an initiative organising the electricity supply for those in the affected regions. For example, a shipment of discarded solar components has already been sent to Ukraine to enable people to generate energy with the help of small off-grid systems.

Would you also like to make a contribution to the people affected Would you like to show your support for the people of Ukraine too? We have compiled a list of aid organisations in Germany that you can support. After all, that is the only way that we can create a green world for everyone – without war and violence.